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NAVED web site log-in and content

Fri Apr 28, 2006 10:48 pm

All vintage divers who have a NAVED ID card need to visit the new web page and log-in. As I understand we require a new password and name. Now, since the log-in is seperate from the VDH site you must click on the join us button and request a log-in. The thing is that this is easy---just use your current name and password.

The web page is still under discussion but we plan to have such things as:

NAVED NEWS --for current or recent happenings

Featured Diver--every so often--a new diver will be selected at random to be featured on the web page with a short description of their activites and projects and interests in vintage diving etc

Members only section--that will allow access to a profile page of members with contact information etc---only as made available and authroized by each member--to help vintage interested divers find buddys and mentors and whatever.

FAQ page --with common vintage questions especially pertaining to NAVED of course

Links-- to other vintage sites and other stuff including the NAVED ID cards.

Does this sound good to you guys ?--oh--if you have a card--please try and log-in and activate and also be patient if it takes a little while to sort all this out.


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