Vintage Double Hose was started in 2004 in a fit of frustration from trying to obtain enough parts and information to get a  DA Aqua-Master working correctly without doing a jury rigged job.

Vintage Double Hose was started in 2004 in a fit of frustration from trying to obtain enough parts and information to get a DA Aqua-Master working correctly without doing a jury rigged job.

I started slowly asking question after question of anyone who would listen and had 1st hand knowledge of the subject. Then, by buying up a few of the common double hose regulators, stripping out all the parts, and sending out the dimensions and specifications I managed to obtain bids on replacement service parts for the most popular regulators.

From that point on I have strived to expand my product line and to become the #1 source for information, parts, and service for double hose regulators. At the same time, we as a group have developed a community of divers with similar interests who would help me grow our products in order to expand our little section of the diving community.  Without the support of my friends and customers, I would still be trying to fix that 1st DA Aqua-Master with a crappy photocopy of a manual and recycled parts. 

For as long as I can remember I have been a scuba diver, if not in actual practice then at least in my mind. I spent every moment I could in front of the TV wearing my dime store mask and fins waiting for The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau to come on just to get a glimpse of the divers in action. I used to lie on the floor kicking my fins and in my mind I was swimming along with Captain Cousteau, Falco, Phillipe and the other Calypso divers searching for lost treasure or exploring the ruins of an ancient underwater city.

I actually started scuba diving outside of my living room floor at the age of 10 in 1975 with a steel 72”, Jet Air double hose, mask from K-mart (or Kats drug store), and a pair of  rocket fins that I wore tennis shoes with so they would fit. After that the only thing I ever really wanted to do was be a scuba diver like Jacques Cousteau! In 1983 I enrolled in the NASDS diving Instructors College, located in San Diego. Part of the curriculum included factory training on regulator service and repair for several major manufacturers. Unfortunately, the double hose part was skipped during the US Divers portion. Many of the principals and a lot of the mechanics apply to single and double hose regulators alike, and the training has been invaluable when getting VDH off the ground.

After a few years, several hundred students, repairing countless pieces of scuba equipment, and working every weekend it became more of a job than the adventure I loved in my youth. Sadly, I hung up my wet suit for a few years to attend college full time and get a real job (as my Father would say).

Then, in 2002, while searching E-bay for a deal on a modern piece of scuba gear I stumbled on DOUBLE HOSE REGULATORS and it immediately brought back memories of what made me a frogman like Jacques Cousteau.

Vintage Double Hose is my full time job that runs 24/7 most days. The past 15 years have been an uphill battle for the most part, but the end results have been worth it. With the help and support of the community, VDH has taken the double hose regulator from obsolete conversation pieces and moved them towards the mainstream of acceptable equipment choices for the modern diver.

In 2014 Luis Heros P.E., and I debuted the first modern double hose regulator. We named it the Argonaut Kraken. Designed with the modern diver in mind, it carries the rich tradition started by Cousteau and Gagnan while allowing use of accessories todays divers can’t live without.

Read More about the Argonaut Kraken Here

I hope that with the continued support of my customers, friends, and family we can continue to expand the opportunities for double hose divers and spread the word about our growing community.

You can read more details about the progress of Vintage Double Hose here at my Blog Site

I hope you will spend some time on the site, look around, get to know us and let us get to know you….


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