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2 Good Phoenix Dives and one LEO Encounter

Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:23 pm

We had two great dives in the past couple of nights.

Monday night I dove the local harbor and found two wrecked trollers. One I had not been on before and the other has been dove several times by my friends, although not in the past few years.

The second troller produced a couple of small brass portholes the were lying on the wreck. Now that the wood is being eaten, the wheel house and sides are pretty much gone, leaving just the frame work of what used to be a fishing vessel.

I'll clean these up and put them to good use as windows in my shop:


Unfortunately, the second wreck lies 40 feet below the transient float and the fisherman who was tied up there did not like us blowing bubbles under his boat. The local police were dispatched. I tried to apologize for waking up his deckhand, but the ole guy was convinced I was up to no good. I tried to apologize, but he really wanted the PD to talk to us. Which they did and everything was smoothed over. Here's the police blotter from last night's paper...


Last night was a great dive. Our friend Rick is in town from Seattle and we dove under the bridge to look for bottles and steamship china. I found an octopus and some cool junk. Sadly, I forgot to load the SD card into my camera, so I have no UW photos of any of it. That's what I get for rushing the pre-dive check.


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Re: 2 Good Phoenix Dives and one LEO Encounter

Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:44 pm

We gotta work harder on figuring out how silence the Argonauts bubbles :wink:
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