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Re: Conshelf 20 question(s)

Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:36 pm

After receiving my missing part from Bill T. I was able to assemble the "20." Man, with that side 2nd stage adjustment port the thing breathes beyond belief. Cracking pressure is 0.5" H20 so I'm a bit worried about freeflow with Case Geometry Fault, but we will see.

Diving around here has been lousy recently. Hoping to get out and test this reg, and others, soon.


Here are a few SHR I've rebuilt lately. The Conshelf 20 is the only one I haven't taken into the ocean yet.

"The diver who collects specimens of underwater life has fun and becomes a keen underwater observer. .. seek slow-moving or attached organisms such as corals, starfish, or shelled creatures." (Golden Guide to Scuba Diving, 1968) :D

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