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Standards for dry suits

Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:21 am

A Happy New Year to everyone. I promised in December that I would continue this series of reviews of diving equipment standards with a thread about suits. Up to now I've found a US Military Specification and a European Standard. The earliest example I've been able to find so far is US Military Specification MIL-D-19458A of 14 August 1964, which supersedes MIL-D-19458 of 27 June 1956, whose full text I have not yet managed to locate.
1a. US Department of Defense (14 August 1964) Military Specification MIL-D-19458A. Diver's Dress, Swim Suit. Free download from ... 1115BD.pdf
1b. US Department of Defense (22 May 1987) Military Specification MIL-D-19458A. Diver's Dress, Swim Suit. Cancelation Notice. Free download from ... CD0F71.pdf

As the full 13 pages of this specification can be freely downloaded from the web, I thought I'd keep my present review to a minimum and let others make up their own minds about the content and, I hope, report their own thoughts on the matter. Suffice to say that the documents cover the requirements for a swim suit made from rubber-coated fabric in five sizes. The suit comprises a jumper and pants with molded rings to effect a waterproof waist seal between the upper and lower garments.

Interestingly, the specification requires the installation of an exhaust valve and even provides a diagram with the necessary dimensioning:
I hope the above is of some interest.
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