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Wazee Dive Report

Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:47 am

Wazee 4/26-27 Dive Report
- Apologies for screwing up the schedule and doing this trip one week earlier.
- Rich and I ended up diving on Sunday, (the 28th) going down on Saturday afternoon and staying over to dive Sunday.
- It was supposed to be cloudy and cold... Maybe even rain. But the day dawned Sunny and 24 degrees. By the time we finished breakfast is was 35 degrees. And by the time we started suiting up is was 40-something degrees and still nice and sunny.
- Dive conditions: Water temp 38 degrees. Visibility only 10-15 feet but good enough to visit all of the underwater attractions.
- First dive we swam along the left side of Sherwood forest ridge, saw some of the figurines, visited the ChrisCraft launch etc. Then we swam over the ridge and followed the treeline to the clearing that goes down to the platform. We started down but stopped short of it at 53 feet deep. We were both getting cold so we came back to the ridge and did our safety stop before ending the dive. About 30 minutes.
- 2nd dive we started out going down to the platform at 60 feet. We didn't see any difference in visibility nor temperature. One side of the platform is caved in (maybe that will be a project for our lift bags on another trip!). We came back to the ridge, had a nice twisting swim through the trees, then swam over the ridge again. This time we found the giant LEGO man. Checked it out and then used that landmark to head over to the ChrisCraft Launch. And as we headed back in the safety stop became part of our trip. 2nd dive was about 27 minutes.

You don't know 'til you try.
- We shifted this trip to April 26-27 so that Rich and Ron could make it. Then Ron had some time off and decided to go earlier in the week. Then, a close friend of mine died and the funeral was scheduled for Saturday. The weather report was looking bleak for Saturday afternoon and Sunday and we almost called the trip off. But we decided to go anyway and I'm glad we did. It was dry and clear for the whole 4 hour drive. And on Sunday we got sunny weather that even dried off and warmed our wetsuits between dives!
- We had the bathroom building equipped with a carpet floor and Buddy heater just in case but we didn't really need it. :D
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Re: Wazee Dive Report

Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:20 pm

Sounds like a nice trip Eben. Can't wait for Fortune Pond!

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