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Summer of Lake Diving

Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:50 am

My Summer of Lake Diving

Wow! In spite of the 'Rona and less dive trips, I've been blessed with our lake having decent visibility all Summer so far AND its been warm enough to dive in just a swimming suit (no wet suit). This past weekend, Rich 50,001 Questions and I went diving after work on Friday... We used our scooters and zipped by the usual stuff so fast we missed seeing most of it. After awhile I handed off my scooter and the float and surfaced to see where we were... We were past the south point and diving new territory! We turned around and came back... Finishing our dive in about 30 minutes with a pile of air left in our tanks.

Then Saturday dawned hot, calm, and Sunny... Jill said she wanted to go diving. So, we got her all suited up (BCD etc.) while I dove totally vintage. I showed her the little statues Rich and I had put out... The Angel Jill gave me a couple of Christmas' ago and our latest "Thumbelina". We went on along the weedline until Jill showed me her SPG was reading 1000 psi (she dives a 38 and started at 1800 psi). She was ready to head back so we did... About a 30 minute dive.

Then Sunday, Jill went to Church and then to the office so I was left to my own devices... I strapped on my trusty 38 and went in for a dive-until-completely-empty swim. 38 minutes at 15-20 feet deep. I timed the dive to be back out front in 30 minutes. Then I screwed around out front until I ran out of air at 36 minutes... Pulled the reserve and swam in to the dock to finish the dive at 38 minutes. We don't want to leave any scuba air un-breathed! (and it's fun to test out the reserve... Thanks for the J-valve seats Tom!)

How good was the visibility? Well it ain't the Caribbean and it ain't Fortune Pond... But its good enough to have fun. I estimate it varies from 10-20 feet depending on the depth and the suspended sediment. I've been calling it "snowy" because you can see a good distance but there are suspended particles that reduce it from perfection. The important thing is that I'm having fun diving, using my vintage gear, and re-filling my tanks with my compressors. What a great Summer!

- Best Regards, Eben
The Freedom and Simplicity of Vintage Equipment and
Vintage Diving Technique are Why I Got Back Into Diving.

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