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Fortune Pond June 13th

Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:51 pm

Well, better late than never... We got together at Fortune Pond this weekend and did a bunch of dives. I got seven in myself. For me it ran the gamit from modern tech to almost vintage... lol. I did two dives with the DACOR Olympic 2020 balanced. It performed okay but needs a little tweaking yet. You can see it in the water at the beginning of the video.
The video itself is kind of a practice session. New camera and more experience with Imovie. It's short, but fun. Here it is...


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Re: Fortune Pond June 13th

Sun Jun 14, 2020 4:05 pm

I'm suitably jealous! At least you guys got out diving. The Pacific Ocean in my neck of the woods has not been cooperating. Looks like fun!
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Re: Fortune Pond June 13th

Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:39 am

- Wow we had a great weekend at Fortune Pond. Sunny and no wind for both days. Nobody has Corona Virus up there... Just like my town. And nobody knows anyone who's got it or had it. Businesses are opening... Alices seemed to be running normally. We had a great dinner there. I had the tenderloin steak. Yum. One night we ordered take out pizza at the pizza place that is still shut down for Corona... One hour wait... And then when I got there another 40 minute wait... On the other hand Angeli's store had great grocery food we could have bought in 5 minutes and made our own dinner.
- Claudia's motel was packed thanks to a "Free Fishing" weekend... No license requirement. We enjoyed visiting with her and her husband Steele... Last name is "Magnet". I should have asked him if anybody calls him "Chick" for short.... Chick Magnet... Ha Ha.
- I dove my yellow AMF Swimaster mask... Not as comfortable as my Pacifica and no nose pad to clear my ears. I did finally manage to find the angle to push the mask up and clear my ears but it wasn't as easy as the pacifica... Maybe I need to try it a few more times... Very cool looking mask and I'd like to wear it more.
- Ron had his full Cousteau rig with LDS-1, yellow striped wetsuit, and even a yellow helmet with flashlight. Rich and I had our BEST dive with minimalist gear... Each wore single 38 cf tanks, no BCs and just mask and fins. We dove to the 70 foot range and our little 38 cf single tanks lasted 25 minutes. We each pulled our reserves (which work perfectly) and came up with enough air for our 3 minute safety stops... And ended with 100 psi to spare! Now THAT's getting your money's worth of air! Ha!
- SwimJim dove a unique Dacor conversion.... I think it was single hose Olympic that Vance converted to double hose. He said it worked well but he will do some further tuning. Eric P was there too... Eric has gone over to the dark side...Ha. Ha. He has a new Rebreather he was diving with another rebreather diver... I think the rebreather is the obvious choice for him as he does some very serious deep wreck diving. As I understand it... The rebreather equipment is expensive but it greatly reduces the cost of buying Helium... Which is off the charts in cost when you use it open circuit.
- Anyway, you can get the picture... One HECK of a great weekend of diving. Here are some photos:
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