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Setting the IP for a Phoenix HPR Royal?

Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:14 am

I do not own a Phoenix but I thought I should get an idea of how to set the IP before getting one. I have read through the pdf of setting the IP for unbalanaced regulators but not sure if there is a different process for Balanced.

I have never checked or set the IP on a scuba regulator or any device before. I read through the VDH HPR thread and found that the IP should be set between 130-140 psi with Herman setting his at 140 psi. From reading the original Royal Aqua master manual and from looking at the pictures throughout VDH, the IP should be checked with the cans split.

What I need to understand is the gas source. Can I get an AL80 filled to 3,000 psi and set the Phoenix double hose to it or does the AL80 need to be filled to a max of 500 psi?

I do not own any tanks, so the only way for me to check the IP would be with a rental tank.

Do I also need to re-check the IP with the Top and Bottom Box assembled with the Main Diaphragm installed? I have read of mistakes where the HPR was bent, though from reading the VDH HPR thread, I followed all the install directions so that should not happen.

Side note: I think I will be ordering the scubatools regulator book.

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Re: Setting the IP for a Phoenix HPR Royal?

Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:28 am

The Phoenix, Royal, Argonaut are all balanced 1st stages. DA Aqua-Masters are unbalanced 1st stages. Here is a good description of the difference with photos and diagrams.


Regulator HP/LP seating explained. Reprinted with the authors permission. This is part of the Regulator Savvy material.


An full aluminum 80, an IP gauge and the above info is all you need to set the IP on a balanced 1st stage.
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Re: Setting the IP for a Phoenix HPR Royal?

Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:30 am

Any of the balanced regs- RAM/Phoenix/Cyclone/Argonaut can be adjusted with most any tank pressure as long as it is above 300-500 psi although I prefer at least 1500, 3k is fine. This is NOT the case with unbalanced regs like the DA, for those you do need a source of pressure in the 500 range. And it does not have to be any particular size tank. I often use a 13cf pony....much easier to get on the bench. :) That said, I still want a full tank for the final check of everything, on rare occasion leaks will appear at the higher pressures that were not obvious at a lower pressure.

You don't "have to" check it once the cans are assembled but IMO the reg should be given a final overall check once it's completely assembled as a final quality check. This includes checking for leaks and verifying IP, cracking and exhaust pressures.

The Reg Savvy book is a great investment, in addition "Maintenance and Repair of Scuba Regulators" by Vance Harlowe is another must read for any reg tech.

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