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Double Hose Regulator Position CRUCIAL!!

Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:10 pm

Once you get your double hose in great working order you need to get it placed properly on your back to allow the regulator to perform its best and provide you with the easiest breathing possible. As you can see by the pictures the regulator is much lower on the divers back than a standard single hose regulator would be. This is the optimum position for a double hose regulator. The 2nd component is to get it as close to your back as possible without touching it. You may have to experiment with various backpacks as most of the ones manufactured today will place the regulator up much too high and too far away from your back. The original harness and early model backpacks are the best answer for this. Incorrect placement of the regulator is one of the main causes for divers condemning the double hose regulator and calling it hard to breathe.
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