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Re: NAVED Membership ?????

Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:50 pm

Bryan wrote:Since we started on the NAVED cards project there have been a few challenges with who should receive a card and who should not. I would like the help and advice of my fellow Vintage Equipment Divers on this subject……

The following is just my OPINION on the criteria for issuing a card to someone.

Be an active member of VSS or VDH forum and participate in discussions when you can.

Attend and dive with us at one of the Vintage Equipment Diving gatherings like Sand Dog, Dan’s Lake Wazee event, Jeff Rices’ Portage Quarry Dive or one of the events put on by The Historical Diving Society.’

If you cannot attend there should be at least one photo of you diving in Vintage Equipment…..I.E. SCUBA gear made before 1975.

I’m not looking for a 200 yard underwater swim or doff and don at 50’. I want our loosely knit group to gain merit and become a group that others will be excited about joining and participating in.

NOW LET THE GAMES BEGIN! What say the group!!!
I said this at the beginning of the post.....Then again it is just my OPINION.

I would think that since you are already a member and if you are diving with someone using vintage equipment and would support them as a member and would like to throw in a photo as well I would be inclined to say that it's just fine by me...
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