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Wazee Sept. 8th Dive Report

Thu Sep 09, 2021 1:32 pm

Wazee Sept 8th Dive Report
- We put together a trip to Wazee on really short notice. There was me, Tom McCluskey, SeaHunt Jerry, and Jerry's friend Jill. Being a mid week Wednesday, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Weather started out sunny and in the 70s but got steadily more clouds and windy. We got in 3 good dives and saw most if not all of the attractions.
Here's me after the first dive with my nifty yellow Swimaster mask.
I dove the Twin 38s with a Chrome Voit 50 Fathom on the first dive.
Dive #2 with my same Twin 38s and my father's original
Voit 40 Fathom regulator. I got two 30 minute dives out of the 38s and
still had about 500 psi left. The 40 Fathom worked great.

Tom's Vintage Calypso single hose reg is mint condition...
Here he is setting it up with his Sportsways single 42 tank.

SeaHunt Jerry Dove his Triples with either a Voit 50 Fathom or Polaris.
Tom and Jerry comparing notes on the vintage single hose Calypso.
Tom and Jerry reminiscing about the good old days.
Here's me, "Jerry, you should give me these triples and Polaris..."
A Tribute to Vintage Single Hose Calypso/40 Fathom regs. The last one
on the right should probably be in the middle. All of them still diving
and breathing like new regs.

Our 3rd dive was later in the day and it was cloudy and dark. I dove a fresh set of Twin 38s with my Blue 50 Fathom doublehose reg. Tom was diving another Sportsways single 42 but this time he had a beautiful round label Royal AquaMaster. We were at the other end of Lake Wazee and saw 3 platforms, the fake shark, the pumphouse, the compass Fleur-de-lis and more. Pretty neat.
The Freedom and Simplicity of Vintage Equipment and
Vintage Diving Technique are Why I Got Back Into Diving.

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Re: Wazee Sept. 8th Dive Report

Thu Sep 09, 2021 2:25 pm

Pretty sweet Eben! Thanks for the write up and picks!

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