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Fortune Pond Ice dive

Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:07 pm

The LDS in my area is doing some ice diving this winter. They will be at Fortune Pond December 14th - 15th and again March 14th - 15th. I am planning on attending both events and I will be diving double hose. Which one??? I've been diving the Kraken under ice since the prototype days. That's a sure thing. Jerry Mossman was a big fan of the DivAir and he used to dive them under ice.... I may do that. Then there's my hot DAAM. That would make a great ice diving reg. Such decisions.
I know many of you would rather lick a hot stove then do an ice dive, but for those interested you more then welcome to attend. As the dive shop is "running" this gig, you would need to be ice certified. Great viz at Fortune is a given. When Swimjim is involved in an ice dive, the eats will be top notch! So if your looking for a little adventure and a good time, join us! :wink:

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