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Pool Dive Tune-Up

Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:11 am

Pool Dive Tune-Up
- Rich (50,001 Questions) and I try to stay in vintage diving shape during the winter by going to our once-per-month "open Swim" at the Junior High School pool. Max depth is 12 feet... Nice big pool and very clear water. Quite often we'll have the place to ourselves. Last Sunday, we skipped the last day of deer season to go pool diving. I know... Whoopdy Do we went pool diving. Why post it here?
- Well, why not? We had fun and we were totally vintage diving! Rich was diving his Jack the Frogman tank with BacPac harness and trying out two double hose regs: The Snarkamatic and his SHF Voit 50 Fathom (show prop from Rob).
- I was diving a single 38 tank with the same USD BacPac and my Royal Master regulator. Duck feet fins. So simple. We were thinking how much fun it would be to dive this way, without wetsuits... Set and forget buoyancy and swim as streamlined as an old fat guy can get. My 38 lasted an hour and 10 minutes when I finally pulled the reserve rod and quit... Which works perfectly and probably would have given me 5-10 more minutes at those shallow depths.
- Wouldn't it be fun to ship our vintage Twin 38s or single 38s to Cozumel so we could dive this way in warm open water?
The Freedom and Simplicity of Vintage Equipment and
Vintage Diving Technique are Why I Got Back Into Diving.

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