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Steel tanks w / concave bottoms, galvanized

Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:04 pm

I could use some help in identifying a set of twin tanks. I worked in the business for almost 49 years... never came across tanks like this.
They are 3 / 4 " straight thread, 1800 psi, galvanized and concave bottoms, the manifold appears to be a Voit, only date that I san see is a 7-72.
These are NOT converted co2 bottles. The serial #'s are prefaced with " HC ". any help identifying would be appreciated.
U.S.Divers had cylinders in the 60"s, that were 1800 psi and were listed at 52.8 "
I did a visual... the interiors are near spotless, also a tone test... beautiful sound [ like Quasimodo ringing the bells at Notre Dame ]

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Re: Steel tanks w / concave bottoms, galvanized

Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:15 pm

How can you tell they are not converted bottles?

They sound like they were designed for either CO2 (fire extinguisher or soda fountain) or maybe oxygen. They might have been re-purpose right out of the factory, never used for any other purpose. But, they sure seem that the original design was for something else other than Scuba.

When you say 3/4" straight thread, do you mean an actual 3/4" threads or the typical 3/4" NPS (pipe threads, actually a bit bigger than 1 inch) that is most common in cylinders in the US?

Are they 3AA standard with a + stamp after the original hydro?

Is the original date 7-72? A new 1800 psi scuba cylinder in 1972 would be really odd.

Sorry I don't have any concrete information to help with, but I am curious.


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Re: Steel tanks w / concave bottoms, galvanized

Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:34 am

Photos would really be helpful.
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