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Offer to members (regulators) more listed

Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:17 pm

I have several double hose regulators on eBay and will be putting up several more, along with some single hosers, soon.

I will sell any one of them to members off eBay's site for 15% less, and will charge only $10 shipping (USPS Priority). Now that they are collecting sales tax, this is a lot less than buying off eBay. This goes for future listings as well.

Just PM me about the reg you want and I will pull the listing.

Listed by Pyer13 on eBay now:

Mistral $230 SOLD
RAM $295
GL $179
DA Made in France $260
Scuba $160
Dacor R-3 $139

MR12 II w/ nice Dacor 3 way console: SPG, compass, depth $85
Voit Titan II SOLD

all 15% off

Not yet listed

Jerry Moseman DA
Snark III blue label w/ lp port adapter (for setting IP or adding a 3-way)
another GL
Snark III silver black label with LP port adapter and NOS silicone hoses/mp
Blue paint 50 fathom

Sportsways Navy Unit III
Malibu Diver w/new tilt valve and a silicone diaphragm in it.
Another Voit Titan II
If interested in any of the upcoming regs, please email for pics and prices. I need to reduce the population!

Thanks! Phil

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