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VDH Backplate Wing Assembly

Wed May 18, 2016 2:08 am

Hi everyone, I purchase a VDH backplate & wing. My problem is I think I have not installed the inflator hodse assembly peoperly. Does anyone have any pictures of how to do this right?? I haave extra parts that I don't know where they belong. Sorry, but this is my first attempt at setting up a wing and I am cautious. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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Re: VDH Backplate Wing Assembly

Wed May 18, 2016 2:24 am

Can you post a photo of how you have assembled it? Also the parts you have left over. From that people can point you in the right direction. Mark
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Re: VDH Backplate Wing Assembly

Wed May 18, 2016 8:59 am

The XS Scuba 30lb wing you purchased last year has a hose assembly that attaches like the majority have for many years.
The female outlet on the bladder has square cuts all the way around the perimeter of the opening.
The male end of the bcd hose has square cuts all the way around the perimeter of the hose as well. These mate squarely with the cuts in the female outlet. These allow you to adjust the angle of the hose and to keep it secure when you tighten it down. You may need to loosen the nut turn the hose one way or the other to get the alignment of the hose that is most comfortable for you as it comes over your shoulder.
To assemble......put the gasket in the female outlet......carefully start threading the outer nut of the male connector onto the female outlet connector. Gently push down on the hose as you tighten the nut and you will feel the square cuts in the male and female outlets align. Continue to tighten down the outer nut until it is hand tight. The nut on this hose nut is easy to grip and should be hand tightened only. Do not use wrenches or pliars or you will damage it.
When the outlet nut is hand tight, inflate the bladder and check the alignment of the hose as it goes over your shoulder.....If adjustment of the angle is needed, deflate the bladder, loosen the outlet nut all the way, rotate the outlet and tighten again as you did the first time. It may take some trial and error to get it exactly the way you want it.
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