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Wireless air-integrated gauges and double hose regulators

Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:13 pm

Just back from the most recent Bonaire trip (thanks Herman!) and had an "issue" with my Aeris Elite wireless gauge, and I was wondering if any others had had a similar experience. It seems possible that the metal cans of the Phoenix were blocking the tank pressure signal from reaching the wrist gauge.

If I put my wrist up by the shoulder dump, the gauge would read the pressure but with my hands in the normal swimming position, the gauge would show zero pressure and commence alarming. Batteries were new, in fact the transmitter battery was replaced while in Bonaire just to eliminate that as an issue.

Does anyone have any experience with other wireless set ups? Once the weather warms up and I can use my pool, I plan to test the hypothesis by first using a quick disconnect between the 3/8"-7/16" adapter and the transmitter to get the transmitter out of the "shadow" of the can, and then also see if I can find a really short HP hose and try that. Other thoughts welcome!

Bill Bain

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Re: Wireless air-integrated gauges and double hose regulator

Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:04 pm

Never had a real problem with my UWATEC or old Atom 2.0 on my Phoenix. Every once in a while I'd loose telemetry but it would only last a few seconds, and then re-engage. Never to the point of "Houston, we have a problem." The exact same thing happened with my single hose MK5/109 so I can't pin it on the size of the DH cans. An extension might do the trick. Wish I had more to offer. Mark.
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Re: Wireless air-integrated gauges and double hose regulator

Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:28 pm

Sorry to hear about your troubles. While mostly a mossback, analog gauge dependent diver, I did spring for a ScubaPro / UWATEC Galileo Luna computer with wireless air integration a couple of years ago. I probably have 80 to 100 dives on it, with about half of them with the AI transmitter attached to my Phoenix valve equipped DAAM. To date all is working perfectly. I keep the AI transmitter on the left side of my Phoenix, and wear the wrist mounted computer also on my left side. I also swap out the AI transmitter for use with my old Conshelf single hose. Again, no issues with a similar left side set up. I would be surprised if the metal cans could make sufficient interference to cause the problem you are experiencing. Could you have had weak batteries in either the transmitter or your computer? Might want to replace them in both units again.

I do use a high pressure splitter which allows me to run both an analog SPG and my AI transmitter at the same time. This moves the transmitter a couple of inches from the regulator body. I bought it mostly for the Conshelf 1st stage which only has one high pressure port, but use the same set up when I transfer the unit to my Phoenix valve. That extra couple of inches distance may help your unit avoid the problem you have been experiencing. I purchased my splitter from Dive Gear Express. It aint cheap but it works. ... -16-inch-m
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