Banjo & Modern Valves - which ones

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Banjo & Modern Valves - which ones

Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:31 pm

the word "Banjo" turns up 28 pages, and I have run out of energy....

Does anyone know (maybe a list) of "modern" valves (AKA - convertible) that work with the USD Long Yoke/Banjo with the plugs installed? A Thermo let me down (well, the DIN also did too or my DIN Phoenix as it wouldn't accept it). I had a DIN to Yoke adapter, so I put the plug in, and used the adapter to go back to DIN - YIKES!!!! (though it really placed the rig close to my shoulder blades)...

I need to set up some "short" modern (3/4" thread) tanks for my DH (and my wife also using them with her modern gear)


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Re: Banjo & Modern Valves - which ones

Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:20 am

I wish I had a good answer......For the most part the banjo does not like valves with the insert. Years ago we had some photos showing what valves worked well and what ones did not. But overall the Thermo / DIN insert type valves were the most difficult to use one with. Vintage USD/DACOR , the USD valves from the 80's and most of the Sherwood type using the smaller #214 O-ring were ok. Sorry I do not have a definitive answer.
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Re: Banjo & Modern Valves - which ones

Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:31 am

I know this is an old thread but the industry has gone valve nuts. I was in the Keys a few weeks ago and went to put my Kraken on my Nitrox cylinder I had been assigned and it would not go (some of the early Krakens have a different yoke). Since the skipper was about to get underway I said shucks to myself and grabbed my USD Titan LX and was horrified to see that it too would not go over the valve. I grabbed the DM, who then grabbed the skipper who then said he had never seen such a thing. The valve was very crude looking, had no markings, did have an insert but was very thick in all dimensions. Beats me. They got me another tank. But I had to go reanalyze so it delayed our departure. It is not my fault they have weird tanks.

Valves with a wide face, usually DIN insert types (Thermo and Thermo clones), will not work with a banjo adapter. If your regulator yoke is also very thick, between the two there simply is no room for the banjo bolt to exit the assembly and remain seated. Forcing the assembly will damage something (usually the banjo) and will leak badly.


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