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Industry Bulletin: Status of the Special Permit 9791

Thu Nov 17, 2022 8:23 pm

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but just incase it hasn't: ... rmit-9791/

Industry Bulletin: Status of the Special Permit 9791
By PSI-PCIaccess_timeOctober 23, 2022
DEMA Booth Number: 824

PSI-PCI would like to provide the following factual information related to the expiration of Special Permit 9791 (marked on cylinders as either E9791 or SP9791).

The Special Permit (SP) is expired as of 9/30/22. This means that any cylinder stamped with that SP9791 or E9791 is no longer valid for use, fill or transport in the US by law. It means that regardless if the cylinder still contains gas, or is still within its current hydro or inspection period, it is still not valid for fill, use or transport.

There is potentially good news on the horizon. Please read this carefully and do not interpret anything other than the information provided. PSI-PCI has been in communication with the USDOT. They are considering taking administrative action with this SP. Since the permit owner has not renewed this SP, and due to the widespread use of this cylinder throughout the gas industry, the USDOT is currently considering how to renew the permit without requiring owners and users to apply for a special status.

HOWEVER, until that occurs, these cylinders should be marked as “Rejected”, reduced in gas capacity (if filled) to approximately 50psig, and set aside in a safe manner in storage. If / when the USDOT has made their determination we will provide an update to this announcement.

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