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How I Use 3 Compressors

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2023 10:34 am
by SurfLung
How I Use Three Compressors...
- After getting my Tornado/Kidd 4.2 cfm compressor running good and filling tanks for a season, it developed a leak and frankly I was tired of fixing up old compressors. I gave it to Jim Shelden who helped me so much. I knew he could fix it and probably find a good home for it. At that moment, I just wanted my compressor to work when I needed it. I also have a RIX SA3 that was down for overhaul and a 1980s Coltri MCH6 that works great but runs on gas so I have to take it outside on a cool and breezy day to fill tanks. So, I bought a brand new Alkin vertical W31 (which by the way is one heck of a compressor for the money). The Alkin is like an appliance. Just pull it out and turn it on to fill tanks.

I haven't heard from Jim about my Tornado/Kidd 4.2. But my enthusiasm for fixing returned and I got my RIX SA3 totally refurbished. I use it for topping up air in my Nitrox blending tanks. Kind of a new project this past year. I cascade fill cleaned aluminum 80s with 700 psi pure oxygen and then finish them up to 3000 psi with the RIX. The RIX is oil-less so that's a good use for it. This give 40% mix. Then I fill my diving tanks 50% with the Nitrox 40 and top them the rest of the way with air from my Alkin... Giving a 30% Nitrox mix.

And the Coltri MCH6... I use that one for fun and for trips. Sometimes I use it just for the joy of watching it run! :D