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New! ICON from Coltri!

Tue Dec 14, 2021 3:38 pm

New ICON Compressor from Coltri
- I get the Coltri newsletter in Italian so I usually just look at the pictures. This time it showed a new compressor monoblock that is going into the ICON compressors, "formerly MCH-6". Ooh that part intrigued me... They're replacing the MCH-6? I better read on. So I clicked the link, went to the website, then changed to English, and got to read up on this exciting new compressor for sport divers!
- This front side looks very similar to the MCH-6 and I put it here so you'll recognize that aspect of it.
On the back side you can pick out the upgrades, changes, improvements, etc.

First is the new compressor monoblock (crankcase). It's die cast and precision machined from aluminum for lightness and strength. It features improved oil handling (filling and draining), larger oil reservoir, a dipstick, and a oil level viewing window. This new monoblock is lighter than the old MCH-6 crankcase. And combined with a new lighter weight motor, the new ICON weighs only 83 lbs.

They also added a new filter/condenser tower stabilizing bracket that helps reduce vibration and adds strength.

Coltri also has a new synthetic ST-755 compressor oil that's up to 8x longer lasting. With its cleaning power, its superior oxidation resistance and extraordinary thermal stability will keep the compressor parts cleaner.

Here's a link for more info:
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