Fill Rate and Pressure

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Re: Fill Rate and Pressure

Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:58 pm

Obviously you did a good job on your rebuild!

I usually find 2.5 cfm to be an adequate fill rate at home (where I am not it a hurry to get back in the water)... but knowing you, I'll bet you are wanting that 3 cfm mark that Rix has teased you with!

If you wanted to tinker with it a little to get 3 cfm it could be done with an adjustable (variable pitch) pulley on the drive motor. The effective diameter is easily adjusted by moving one side of the drive sheave/pulley in or out on a threaded center core. The closer the two sides are, the higher the belt rides in the groove, making the effective diameter of drive pulley larger. It is easy to fine tune the resulting speed of the compressor.

If you increase the compressor speed, it will also require more power to turn it. The load on the motor increases, so you would need to check the amp draw at high pressure to avoid overloading the motor. See FLA/full load amp rating on motor plate.

Have fun and be careful where you put your fingers.

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