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Argonaut Apology

Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:23 am

Blue Springs has plenty of shallow space before you head down the chimney it is super easy diving. Bring a couple of single cylinders, 80s are fine along with the rest of your gear and we can get you going. If you can't make it please let me know so I can leave my Argonaut rig at home saving space in the car. Hope to see you there!
Luis gave me some grief on the phone last night about this statement I made in the Sand Dog event thread. According to him I should dive the Argonaut Kraken all the time.....
In my defense I have been diving with nothing but one for the last three years. From the brass prototype in metal cans to the yellow Hello Kitty Argonaut in 3D printed cans and finally a production regulator with all kinds of parts and attachments of ideas we have been working on and they have served me without fail in 4 different countries.
The Argonaut Kraken is a modern double hose for the 21st century and we are only beginning to push the opportunities available for its use.
We currently have the Argonaut undergoing testing in an independent study and have select regulators with members of elite military units.
My idea for Sand Dog this year was to get out my beloved Mistral that was procured for me by my friend Eric in France. I'm looking forward to diving it along with my triples in the clear Florida springs. I could just as easily use an Argonaut for the same dives and it would be right at home as it is anywhere. Other than the Kraken Red hoses most divers wouldn't see it as different from a Vintage double hose.
So my Argonaut rig will make the trip to Sand Dog and it sounds like we have a new and eager diver joining us to do his first double hose dives with it. I am sure there will be opportunity for others to try one out if they like during the event as well.
Luis and others are testing some technical advances to our new DSV mouthpiece for the Argonaut in Grand Cayman in the next couple of weeks and if all goes well with that I hope to have a couple of examples with me at Sand Dog and the opportunity to share what we have learned and where we are going on the project.
If you have the time and can make the trip please join us for Sand Dog XII as we say over and over the conversation before and after the diving are worth the trip alone.
Doing it right should include some common sense, not just blindly following specs and instructions. .Gary D, AWAP on SB

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