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The Turbovoile

Mon Aug 21, 2023 11:02 am

While not technically a diving post, this is more about an idea Cousteau had for harnessing wind-power instead of using petrol in a motor vessel. The Turbosail ( designed in France with Cousteau's help was a wild idea back in the 80's; coupling the aerodynamics of a wing and harnessing the 'lift' with a mechanical device was indeed an ambitious task. Today this idea is taking new steps in the cargo shipping industry and here in San Diego we have a Turbosail vessel docked at Harbor Island (across the street from Lindbergh Airport KSAN), it is kind of neat to see in person if you are ever in the area. The local power company (SDG&E) has even made a smaller version of this and tested it out on land near the airport, directly across the channel where the Turbosail vessel is docked, go figure.

A cargo ship fitted with giant, rigid British-designed sails has set out on its maiden voyage.

Shipping firm Cargill, which has chartered the vessel, hopes the technology will help the industry chart a course towards a greener future.

The WindWings sails are designed to cut fuel consumption and therefore shipping's carbon footprint.

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Re: The Turbovoile

Mon Aug 21, 2023 1:25 pm

I am sure that the company advertises that it will "cut the carbon foot print". That, in my opinion, is BS. They want to save money on fuel. Brits have sort of gone bonkers on the green idea. Good luck with that.
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