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Installing Hoses on a Kracken or other DH regs

Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:22 pm

It occured to me that there are likely new to DH diving members that are getting their new Argonaut Krakens and are not sure just how to install and align the hoses correctly. While you can dive with the hoses badly aligned, any DH reg is much more comfortable if the hoses are correctly aligned. I am using a Kracken as the example but the same proceedure works for any DH reg and any mouthpiece. The procedure I am about to show was taught to me by member Greg Barlowe.

Hoses are prone to have a slight set or curve in them, it's best not to fight it but rather use it to your advantage. Drop the hoses on to a flat surface and allow them to orient themselves to the position they prefer. Older hoses are more prone to have a natural curve. As you can see,both of these hoses have a slight curve to them and the hose on the right has more curve than the left one. These are new silicone hoses.
Once you determine the curve of the hoses (if any) lay them side by side and install the mouthpiece so it is in the upright position with the the bite tabs horizonal and level with the table. The hoses should take on a slight U shape. Slide the hoses straight on the mouthpiece keeping the natural curve as shown. This position is very close to the right orientation for most divers, you may find you prefer it a little tilted one way or the other but use it as a starting point. The mouthpiece should rest level with the table. Install your clamp of choice.
Next place the regulator on the table face down and without rotating the hoses, slide them on to the correct horns and install your hose clamp of choice. I use wire ties on the can ends since I have them available but I plan to replace them with the new thumb screws the Kracken come with.
There you have it, simple, easy and it will work with any mouthpiece or regulator I know of.
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Re: Installing Hoses on a Kracken or other DH regs

Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:48 pm

I accomplish essentially the same thing by aligning the hose seams to be parallel to the can parting plane at the horns and hose seams aligned with the seam in the mouthpiece, with no twist in the hoses against one another. I install to the mouthpiece first. Excellent advice on noting the direction of preexisting curve to favor during installation to the mouthpiece. You can fine tune mouthpiece position by (slightly) rotating the hoses to you or away from you at the horns. A little bit does it, you will see the mouthpiece rotate as you do this.

I have bought a few Ebait regs that had still viable neoprene hoses but which had been installed incorrectly. No use fighting the set, I left them "wrong" upon reassembly and enjoyed having other vintage divers tell me they were wrong. I thought "the" Broxton Chuck was going to spaz over my hoses installed with the seams at 90 degrees to the cans parting line. Then he went back to swigging the Old Hawk Kentucky whiskey and pouring into the compressor inlet and forgot all about my wrong hoses.

We will have to see how the years treat silicone hoses but I doubt they develop significant sets as we used to see with the neoprene hoses. I pull the hoses off the can when in storage but usually leave the mouthpiece installed. I curl them gently around the can favoring their installed curve as you can imagine it from Herman's excellent photo.


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Re: Installing Hoses on a Kracken or other DH regs

Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:47 pm

You can use this same procedure with the DSV, but make sure that the DSV is open when aligning the hoses.

I know this is probably very obvious to most, but I already know of someone that was not paying attention when aligning the rotation of the hoses and they aligned the hoses with the DSV in the closed position, and went diving. When they open the DSV to dive, the hose rotation (90degree rotation) made the mouthpiece very uncomfortable.

In this case it was because the diver didn’t give it any thought that the DSV has to be open when aligning the hoses. The DSV just happen to be closed and he didn't check. He will not do that same mistake again.

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Re: Installing Hoses on a Kracken or other DH regs

Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:34 am

I got my hoses mis aligned and dove on them like that for two dives. I knew something was wrong because the mouth piece was tugging upwards on my mouth. I tried reaching behind me to adjust, but I think I just made it worse. So later that day I came to this thread to readjust them properly, so much better on my mouth.. lol. Thanks for keeping this a sticky for noobs like me! I really love diving my Kraken though, it breathes so easy.

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