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Wazee This Weekend

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:06 am
by SurfLung
Wazee This Weekend June 7-8
- At least three of us will converge on Lake Wazee this weekend June 7-8 to dive our vintage gear. Jerry has spread the word locally and other divers are welcome. Ron SheriffDiver installed yellow stripes on a new wetsuit and will probably have various historical themed diving outfits. Rich will be diving his newly Hydro'd Jack the Frogman bushing/adaptor steel 72 as well as various double hosed regulators and gear. And I myself will be diving a variety... I tried out my original "Mystery Mess" DAAM restoration last weekend and forgot how nice it is. It's basically a "Hot DAAM" as SwimJim likes to say... A DAAM with every VDH upgrade except the Phoenix. I'll be bringing the Mystery Mess plus a few others. I'll be diving my Kraken with BCD, Safe 2nd, and pressure gauge with my single HP80. I have to make a point of diving something other than the blessed "Twin 38s" sometimes. :)

Re: Wazee This Weekend

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:16 pm
by SheriffDiver
What? We're diving single tanks now? Here I was planning on stacking the truck full of doubles and triples...

I guess I better bring my Jaws tank then....

Re: Wazee This Weekend

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:07 pm
by SheriffDiver
Just finished loading on the gear:

11 sets of tanks along for 11 dives. 2 sets of triples, 5 sets of doubles, and 4 singles. Got my black Voit tanks and my white Voit tanks along for the Thunderball James Bond 007 and Spector dives. Got the red wetsuit and the black wetsuit for that. Got my Jaws wetsuit and tank along. Got my UDS-1 triples and my striped wetsuit for my Cousteau theme dive. Also got plenty of Sea Hunt gear along, even the silver wetsuit and Voit double hoses! Time for some them dives....

Re: Wazee This Weekend

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:50 am
by SurfLung
Wazee Dive Report...
- No pictures this time... At least I didn't take any. It was so nice out, I just enjoyed the diving and sitting in the sun. Not a cloud in the sky and temperatures into the 80's. We got cold when diving down deep... Water temps 39-41 F at depths below 60 feet. But back up on the surface recovery time was fast in the beautiful warm, sunny weather. I forgot how nice Wazee can be in the hot Summer sun. Aqua Blue water and sandy shores.
- We made 5 dives... three on Friday afternoon and two on Saturday morning before heading home. Visibility wasn't spectacular but it was good enough... varying from 10-20 feet viz I would estimate. First day was Sherwood forest... Lots to see there. The deep platform, Chris Craft, giant Lego Man, tunnel tubes, fish cribs, stutues, 2nd day we dove the Wall and then the Bluegill Alley. Ron has been here more than us and took us on a tour of some new sights... One was a new 60' ft deep platform with another aligator statue. Another was a new platform with an outboard attached. Bluegill has a compass course I always mean to navigate but have forgotten to bring my compass several times.
- There were 5 of us Friday: Me, Rich, Ron, Tom and Chris. Saturday just Rich, Ron, and me.
- Made some new friends with some tech divers that were there. One fellow was nice enough to open up his re-breather and show me the CO2 absorbent and O2 sensors. And there was a young guy who had just signed up for the Navy with hopes of becoming a Navy SEAL... So I showed him my Snark III Silver and SeaTec horse collar and explained these used be used in SEAL training.
- Best Dressed Diver Award... If we were to give one would go either to Ron or Tom... Ron has the movie themes ensembles. He now can do the red suit white tanks Bond outfit as well as the black suit Polaris Spectre outfit. But Tom is just always so nicely color coordinated (yellow tank boots on black tanks fer Pete's sake). How do you decide the best dressed?
- Tom said he was diving "Post Sea Hunt" vintage so Rich and I brought along our early single hose regs. I didn't end up diving my 1961 Voit 40 Fathom. But Rich dove his 1970s Conshelf. Otherwise, I dove all 4 sets of Twin Tanks... Dove one set twice. My doggone Voit Navy has started honking again... After I fixed it so nice last year. It stopped after a few minutes submerged but dang... I thought I had that solved. But my Royal Master worked great. So did the Mystery mess. Rich dove his Jack the Frogman tank... All set up with the slip over the valve back pack. He dove his Phoenix, too.
- Tidbits: Tom was trying out a handheld metal detector. Ron had a freshly yellow striped wet suit... Looked cool. Sandwiches from SubWay worked out well for breaks between dives. Well that's about all I've got... Another great dive trip playing with our Vintage Double Hose gear! :)

Re: Wazee This Weekend

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:13 pm
by SheriffDiver
For my 2nd dive the 1st day I took my Jaws gear to 120 feet. Single hose reg with the yellow US Divers Horsecollar. 1st dive was with my UDS-1 to 121 feet. Then it was time for my red wetsuit and white tanks for Thunderball 007 Bond followed by the black wetsuit with black tanks for the bad guy Spector.

Dove both sets of my two 38's the 2nd day. 1st dive on the wall was bone chilling cold. Dang it was ice cream headache time there. Met a new diver who said he dives double hoses all the time . He just moved to St. Paul and I invited him to join us. He knows Bryan and some others here...