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Re: Ultimate travel setup with Kraken

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:53 pm
by tbone1004
oh, my dive rite transpac seems to be working quite well too, so if you have one of the sidemount rigs that will accept a single tank *Dive Rite Nomad, Hollis SMS100/75, Armadillo, etc*, then you may not have to buy a new plate/wing. Not to say you shouldn't, but if are intending on diving sidemount while travelling or going to something like Luis' mixed mount deal, then it may be a decent option.

Re: Ultimate travel setup with Kraken

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:28 pm
by Ron
Hej du,

Here is a sample setup. I use this one setup for diving in Puget Sound (49 degrees F water) and Hawaii (85 degrees F water), and anything in between.
You can see here where my hand is that the low pressure inflator hose comes from the top, and goes over my shoulder to the BCD hose. I run one of Bryan's angle adapters with my drysuit hose coming out of the bottom of the kraken. The miflex hose that you see by the horn is a 5 foot miflex hose, and I run my alternate second stage off of it. Then, I run an SPG.

More pictures:
cold water drysuit hose with the large knurled flange.
20 degree angled adapter for the drysuit hose.
The SPG Bryan sells with built in breakaway.
5 foot Miflex hose with alternate second stage.

I use this setup, and just take off the stuff I don't need. In Hawaii, I was using just the regulator and SPG. Here, I use everything for drysuit diving. I bring everything in one box and rig up only what I need. When I run the alternate second stage, I just tuck the hose in my waist band of my backplate and wing just like a 7 foot hose, but without the wrap around the body. Older DIR guys used to do this for singles diving back in the day, and a 5 foot hose is still plenty for donating a regulator.

There you go, and you can basically do anything recreational with this one setup. I also recommend Bryan's plate, which I use as well.