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Stories/content needed for NAVED site

Posted: Tue May 16, 2006 4:55 am
by Nemrod
I need stories for the NAVED web site. The sort of thing I am looking for are things like how you got into vintage or your most memorable vintage dive or what you have learned form vintage diving or your favorite piece of equipment or a story about your collection etc--use your imagination. No Tech or repair or rebuild or general topics like that as they belong in the VDH Vintage forums. Pictures would be nice to add to the story. A couple of paragraphs to a couple of pages long. Do not post them here, send them to me.I am not sure if we will create another catagory or if they will be placed in the NAVRD NEWS section.

Also, anyone want to volunteer to be the second Featured Diver? I am going to change out Featured Divers every month or so--give or take. Remember, the Featured Diver must write a story about themselves and their involvement in vintage diving/collecting and a picutre is needed prferably diving vintage gear.


Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 2:28 pm
by Nemrod
Again, we need stories, small articals. Something like for example, how you brought a favorite piece of gear together--not the how to but the story--the hurdles yo had to cross to aquire it, get the parts and why it is significant. Things like that make good reading. Pictures needed also.

If y'all don't send me stuff the website is gonna bust. I could start writing myself and fill it up every month--for a while--but---that is not the point--it is your web page---I want y'all to provide the content.