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A Suggestion for NAVED...

Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 10:21 am
by SurfLung
- I'd like to suggest that the NAVED forum be moved to somehow function within the header section of the Vintage Diving Forum. That way, folks who frequent the more active Vintage Diving Forum will be more inclined to participate in NAVED membership and keep the interest in period correct equipment strong.
- Here's my personal reasoning: I actually stumbled on VDH thru it's connection with NAVED... I was looking into a vacation to Silver Springs and saw the first re-enactment of Sea Hunt by NAVED. Looked it up on the web... Found VDH... Spent a bunch of money... And have been having a lot of fun I wouldn't have had without that initial contact with NAVED. But other than a membership card, what else do we do in NAVED?
- I missed out on the last Sea Hunt re-enactment that was put on by NAVED. But it made me think: If I got the call, I'd have had to scramble to get a proper vintage look. I love vintage but my equipment is a mix of old and new. NAVED endorsed vintage events might inspire guys like me to get together a true Vintage looking get-up for these occasions... The vintage dives I've been to so far have been lots of fun but, very few divers looked purely vintage. I think SwimJim at Fortune Pond is the only true vintage equipped diver I've seen so far.
- Being up front with the Vintage Diving Forum might give a boost to some of the suppliers like HydroGlove, VDH Rondine Fins and Masks, etc, too. I'd like to know where to go for a smoothskin vintage style wet suit with a zipper in the front and a beavertail, for example.
- Except for the featured divers, the postings in NAVED are pretty old. I just wonder if being up front might reinvorate NAVED.

Re: A Suggestion for NAVED...

Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 10:47 am
by simonbeans
You are mostly correct about NAVED. No doubt it has been on the back burner since it began. Many reasons, few solutions. The first Sea Hunt (Sea Hunt 50) was advertised as NAVED, but the second, Sea Hunt LIVE!!! was not a NAVED event. If it was designated as such, it was a mistake on someone's part, not mine, the chief organizer of the Sea Hunt shows. The main reason of why the second Sea Hunt, for sure, was not a NAVED event was that NAVED is and always has embraced vintage gear of the "basically" double hose era. Sea Hunt was specific to the equipment used. Thus, the event was "juried" or open by invitation-only. By designating the Sea Hunt LIVE!!! as a NAVED activity would have produced two issues. 1) numbers. I was allowed 20 "actors" only by Silver Springs. 2) The gear was so exclusive that I made many unhappy people when they were told they could not use this or that, some of which WAS allowed at Sea Hunt 50.
As to NAVED being more than it is, several attempts to advertise the organization was tried. Brochures were printed, stickers were made and a banner was produced to be used at "functions". Most of the finances for these endeavors came from donations. Thus, a question was asked as to whether dues should be collected, etc. But maybe there is a more core issue. Possibly it is time for someone (NOT ME) who is willing to be the driving force behind the organization. There are officers, name them? Time for a restructuring?
NAVED could be great, but it needs to be reorganized by some ONES, who have the time, desire and will.
Eben, interested?

Re: A Suggestion for NAVED...

Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 11:21 am
by Bryan
You didn't miss the Sea Hunt event due to lack of advertising by NAVED....It was an invitation only event by design. Allan's cast choices were spot on and represented the Sea Hunt divers in looks and skill in every way possible.

NAVED is a social organization. When you join the $15.00 covers the cost of your card and that's it. NAVED does not pay for website space, traffic or website design and maintenance. We went down that road in the past and very few people cared about it enough to pay to support it. So when VDH moved, NAVED went to the website forum where it resides now and remains free.
When I find a way to show a profit from NAVED as opposed to a loss I'll be happy to put it right up on the main header of the website front page.
I'm sure many of you have been part of a club that gathers dues, has elections, and all the rest that goes with it. I'm not sure as a group we are there yet.... or are we??

In my opinion, until we are ready to make the jump, dig in and figure out how to get a "Vintage Equipment Specialty" or similar certification through NAVED there is no reason to move it any further than it is now.
Your opinion may vary....

Re: A Suggestion for NAVED...

Posted: Sat May 26, 2012 11:30 am
by SurfLung
- Thanks for your responses, Allan and Bryan. Your candor almost reveals too much! Ha! Ha! It's clear you guys have given plenty of effort to NAVED and your reasoning is sound.
- For sure most clubs need a ram rod individual to keep the enthusiasm up. And they need tools... Like a website and newsletter. I've done both jobs over the years for our local gun club and church. In both cases, I eventually got way too involved and the amount of volunteer work began to take away from the quality of work I was doing at my paying job. I finally got myself out of those jobs and swore never to do it again!
- However, my work with firearms requires a shooting range. And about two years ago our gun club had declined so far that it closed the indoor range and was leaving the outdoor range unmowed in Summer and un-plowed in winter. If somebody didn't step forward, I was going to lose the range I needed for work.
- Long story short... I decided on a limited, non-official role for myself as the newsletter editor and membership list keeper. Putting together a simple web page and locating it on our company server was essentially free. Our company sponsored lawn mowing, plowing, printing and postage... Essentially I bypassed the club officers and simply DID what needed doing.
- It's remarkable what happened... The membership has more than tripled. The club officers and members are ramrodding shooting events. And now when I want to test firearms (for EABCO) at the shooting range, I'm hard pressed to get any privacy!
- I wonder what a similar approach to NAVED could achieve... :roll: