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Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:45 pm
by Nemrod
I think I have ordered 2,500 brochures :shock: . Not sure, I hate computers sometimes. Well, I expect them toward the end of the month.

Each member will get approx 30 brochures.

The remainder will be split as needed. A bunch will go to Bryan to hand out at shows or events. I will keep some in reserve.

New members after this date--well---I have the reserve but I am out of money as to ordering any more now. I am going to try and call the printer tomorrow because the extra offer they gave me did not process to double my order. If I get that then we are home free--if not then we make do for this year with 2,500.



Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:52 pm
by Vintagediver
What can I say other than: Job Well Done!! :D :wink: Never in my wildest dreams did I expect back on the night of December 3, 2006 such a response and such a successful outcome when I started this thread. Many, Many "THANKS" to people like James, Bryan and Lisa and to everyone who contributed in so many ways to this project. I don't know about the rest of you; but the fact that this thread has received over 6741 hits tells me that "Vintage Diving" is definitely alive and well, and because of this project we now have a means to help deliver the message about vintage diving to others. GREAT JOB everyone, and my sincerest "THANKS" for all your interest and efforts that you have given this project. Safe Diving To All! Terry Stevens