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Installing Hoses on a Kracken or other DH regs

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:22 pm
by Herman
It occured to me that there are likely new to DH diving members that are getting their new Argonaut Krakens and are not sure just how to install and align the hoses correctly. While you can dive with the hoses badly aligned, any DH reg is much more comfortable if the hoses are correctly aligned. I am using a Kracken as the example but the same proceedure works for any DH reg and any mouthpiece. The procedure I am about to show was taught to me by member Greg Barlowe.

Hoses are prone to have a slight set or curve in them, it's best not to fight it but rather use it to your advantage. Drop the hoses on to a flat surface and allow them to orient themselves to the position they prefer. Older hoses are more prone to have a natural curve. As you can see,both of these hoses have a slight curve to them and the hose on the right has more curve than the left one. These are new silicone hoses.
Once you determine the curve of the hoses (if any) lay them side by side and install the mouthpiece so it is in the upright position with the the bite tabs horizonal and level with the table. The hoses should take on a slight U shape. Slide the hoses straight on the mouthpiece keeping the natural curve as shown. This position is very close to the right orientation for most divers, you may find you prefer it a little tilted one way or the other but use it as a starting point. The mouthpiece should rest level with the table. Install your clamp of choice.
Next place the regulator on the table face down and without rotating the hoses, slide them on to the correct horns and install your hose clamp of choice. I use wire ties on the can ends since I have them available but I plan to replace them with the new thumb screws the Kracken come with.
There you have it, simple, easy and it will work with any mouthpiece or regulator I know of.