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Double Hose Regulator Service Procedure!!!

Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:12 pm

After talking to a lot of folks at Portage and reading some of the posts as of late I would just like to throw in my two cents on maintenance and upkeep of Vintage Double Hose Regulators.....In years past parts were near impossible to find. They either did not exist any longer or the people that had them did not know they were wanted or needed and therefore were not sold or offered for sale to the public. Dan and many others spent years fixing and repairing two hosers the best they could. Using and reusing 40 and 50 year old parts....There is no need to do this any longer for the majority of the double hose regulators that we dive today! You do not have to flip over a 50 year old low pressure seat or try and re-seal a 50 year old high pressure gasket.....Would you do a head job on your car and re-use the valve springs/seals and gaskets??? Would you ask the doctor to flip over the bandage and use the other side?? If you do then you place very little value on your time....And in the case of your regulators you could ruin a dive or even worse, you could endanger your life......Yes I sell parts and I make a profit from them....But if you listen to ignorant fools that tell you that springs never wear out or heat/cold/time do not effect them I have some mountain top property in south Florida to sell you. Some people are penny wise and pound foolish. Don't let them be that way with your equipment. I have held the price of all rebuild kits well within the means of all Vintage Equipment Divers. Many of you keep spares just in case you need them. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a part and cannot afford it at the time then let me know. I will be glad to send it to you free of charge. Good stuff always comes back to you. If your idea of a regulator service/rebuild is a wipe down with bathroom cleaner and a greasing up of some decades old gaskets then so be it. Please don't say I didn't warn you. There are a lot of folks in the community that are perfectionists in all they do. The care and service work they do on their regulators is well beyond the normal. Lots of these folks I look to for advice when I have problems with a particular regulator......I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination that I am the only person doing good quality service work on double hose regulators. BUT....there is more than one phony in this community that will try and convince you that used parts/bathroom cleaner/ grease and a cash only deal is the way it should be done. They will smile and take your coin and when your regulator craps out on you their answer will be “ Sell it to someone else on E-bay” I'd love to discuss their tactics and procedures with them in person but they are far to yellow to ever let that happen. In closing be sure and get it in writing what will be performed on your regulator, get a guarantee and always always ask for your used parts back...If they can't provide that and proof that your regulator was properly serviced then you are just throwing your money overboard and risking your life......JMO....Your results may vary.....
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